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Gameheads, housed at United Roots, prepares youth and young adults (ages 15-24) for a career in the video game industry. Gameheads connects young people to the tech field through electronic entertainment and participants of Gameheads learn how to code and design video games, websites, apps and more. Submit your application to apply for the program.



The Tech Department offers the following services:

  • Video Game Development
  • App Development
  • Website Development

In order to give you a budget estimate for your project you will need to provide the following information in the request form:

  • Description of your media project, including specific deliverables
  • Deadline

Once you have submitted your request for tech services we will follow up with you via email. As part of the process we will provide you with a bid, and you can negotiate specific deliverables, budget and timeline with UR Media staff until you come up with something that works for you, at which point the content will be put into an official contract.

IT Program

Gameheads’ goal, in partnership with TekPerfect, is to provide tech training to underserved youth of color. The vision of the training and apprenticeship program is to create meaningful career pathways into the tech industry. Once the students have developed proficiency in fundamental skills related to operating systems, networking basics, security, and cloud computing systems administration and deployment, they are prepared to provide technical services to private employers under the supervision of experienced mentors. This direct pipeline to paid work ensures that the students’ skills are relevant, marketable, and can be applied in the workplace.

Skill Development

  • Operating systems: Linux, Mac OS, and Windows system administration
  • Security tools: Kali Linux, Metasploit, Burp Suite, Wireshark and several others
  • Cloud computing: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Compute Engine
  • Productivity tool administration: Slack, Hipchat, JIRA, and Confluence

IT Services

Services Price
Tech Audit and review with report $35.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Tech Audit and review with report” price=”35.00″]
Computer health checkup $50.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Computer health checkup” price=”50.00″]
Security assessment with vulnerability report $100.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Security assessment with vulnerability report” price=”100.00″]
Business security audit up to 5 computers with report $250.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Business security audit up to 5 computers with report” price=”250.00″]
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