Meet the Fellows: Project Beanstalk

Project Beanstalk currently has 3 members participating in the Youth Impact Hub Fellowship, 23 year old concept artist Melissa Cardanini, 27 year old pixel artist Glenn Ray Brooks, and 21 year old programmer and project manager Isaiah Johnson. The group originated from the bay area and first started working together at California State University, East Bay during the school’s quarterly game jam. The team’s leader, Isaiah Johnson, is also a student of the video game career accelerator program Gameheads, where he has been developing and improving his skills in design and development.

Project Beanstalk is a video game social enterprise whose mission is to improve the diversity in the video game industry. We intend to do this by putting social messages in a variety of our games while, publicly working towards change.

Project Beanstalk’s members have always had an interest in video games as well as their respective trades, but it wasn’t until the team started working together that they became aware of the lack of diversity throughout the game industry, and wanted to solve it. The matter resonates with us the most because we are a diverse team and we realize how discouraging and difficult it can be for developers and designers to work in an industry that is dominated by a single demographic. If our enterprise is successful, the game industry will be more accessible to women, people of color, the LGBT community and the people with disabilities. As a result, the industry will have a larger variety of creators including designers and developers.

For those who would like to support us, we are open to working with volunteers, especially those who have experience in S.T.E.A.M (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics), business, diversity, writing, and marketing. We are also looking for new teammates to improve our team’s versatility! If you would like to make a donation, please contact us through our website