Music is a powerful art form that draws upon cultural legacies and historical social movements. At United Roots, hip-hop music is utilized as a form of community storytelling, and students are encouraged to use their music for personal and community transformation. United Roots offers a wide variety of music production programs, from beginning to advanced classes, artist development and music industry training. United Roots provides students with access to a computer lab, two small music studios and a full recording studio. Students learn music composition / beat making, sound engineering, and mixing & mastering through digital music production software programs such as Reason, Pro-Tools, Ableton Live and Logic.

The Audio Department provides the following audio services:

  • Sound engineering
  • Music composition & hip hop beat production
  • Voice over recording
  • Music for films, videos & games

In order to give you a budget estimate for your project you will need to provide the following information in the request form:

  • Description of your media project, including specific deliverables
  • Timeline for production and/or deadline

Once you have submitted your request for media services we will follow up with you via email. As part of the process, we will provide you with a bid, and you can negotiate specific deliverables, budget and timeline with UR Media staff until you come up with something that works for you, at which point the content will be put into an official contract.


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